Slow Tourism in Bergen, Norway

Easter in Bergen yielded dark windows and locked doors, but a little creativity wrought answers to what good coffee truly tastes like, how relentless the appetites of sea gulls are, and how Superman in flight sees the world. Continue reading “Slow Tourism in Bergen, Norway”

Photo Journal | The Bergen Railway

Be still, and let the mountains whisk your worries beneath the snowdrifts or bury them beneath the roots of trees older than thought.  Continue reading “Photo Journal | The Bergen Railway”

Random Ramblings, Issue 2

Date: 4-1-2015

Time: 1:33 P.M./13:33

Location upon writing: My apartment

Reason: A little pre-departure greeting, and a look into the ever-changing web I call my brain. No April Fools jokes below, I promise. Continue reading “Random Ramblings, Issue 2”