a walk into 2017


“A run into 2017” is probably a more appropriate title, considering my preferred method of mobility this morning. Happy New Year to all, old readers and new, casual virtual passersby and lovely familiars. We made it to a new string of 365. I’m glad to be here. January hangs at my elbows and as I write a coffee keeps me company in a local Starbucks (yes, between craft shops I also frequent a couple of my favorite locations of this ubiquitous chain). A slow bustle hums into my ears: a thump of instrumentals, a barista calling a name, an older gentleman licking his finger & flipping the ear of a newspaper corner. Tranquil. Continue reading “a walk into 2017”

christmas in photos + 2016 resolve

With January arrived and 2016 permeating the dates on my agenda, inevitably the word “resolution” burrows into my thoughts. January. A reset of the timepiece. A fresh set of 365 boxes pinned to the wall. I truthfully don’t make resolutions, but I do honestly consider what I want improved in my life. Generally these habits last a week or two, as is customary for most of humanity, it seems – congratulations to all of you who barely slip up, but my determination shoes have a very flawed tread. Next thing I know my ass is bruised and I’m wondering where in the road I lost my balance. Continue reading “christmas in photos + 2016 resolve”