organizing for anxiety: 10 essential tips for bullet journaling

My grapple with anxiety disorder is no secret if you’ve followed my adventures here or on Instagram. One characteristic of the affliction, I’ve noted, is a tendency to frantically grab around for external order when the neurotic internal world is sparking and flashing like holiday fireworks accidentally lit five minutes too early. It’s a methodical way of ignoring the disorder, and one to which those with high-functioning anxiety – myself included – turn. Meet the bullet journal, my non-medicinal whirlwind-muffler. Continue reading “organizing for anxiety: 10 essential tips for bullet journaling”

Jumbo Spiced Pumpkin & White Chocolate Yogurt Muffins + Pumpkin Cream Cheese

When I’m quiet on Venturing East, it means my life has been everything but silent. Usually, too, anything but calm. I can chalk up my lack of writing to sheer busyness, but that is a veil tossed over a more tumultuous catalyst. Continue reading “Jumbo Spiced Pumpkin & White Chocolate Yogurt Muffins + Pumpkin Cream Cheese”

Midweek Morning Affirmations

For everyone: whether your week began less than smoothly, or rolling out of bed this Wednesday causes more groans than usual; or, if your Monday and Tuesday were wonderful, and you wish for that trend to continue. This is for you. Continue reading “Midweek Morning Affirmations”

I’m a published author

Little Patuxent Review published my first short story – actually, the first serious short story I’ve ever written – in their Winter 2015: Food issue. Seems befitting, yes? My story may not be what you expect, however. Continue reading “I’m a published author”

RECIPE: Guiltless Holiday Cookies

After a good many Christmases, and 364 days in between, this recipe is finally complete – albeit, different than probably most recipes you’ve encountered on the Internet or in your cookbooks. Continue reading “RECIPE: Guiltless Holiday Cookies”