Lens | Quick Cosmetology Photoshoot

I’m often surprised at my enjoyment of being photographed. I’m intrigued by the duality of vulnerability and separation: the viewer, the subject, the photographer, all shielded by a physical contraption which helps bare secrets but simultaneously keeps them just hidden enough to abbreviate the story behind the gaze, the background, the reasoning for the picture. Continue reading “Lens | Quick Cosmetology Photoshoot”

Cheddar Chive Foccacia

Warm, cheesy bread is a godsend after a day of errand running & literal running across a parking lot beneath heavy raindrops. Failing, clothes becoming soaked, goosebumps rising like little hills on your arms from the chill of an AC against wet skin. But bread. It cheers the heart. Continue reading “Cheddar Chive Foccacia”

Midweek Morning Affirmations

For everyone: whether your week began less than smoothly, or rolling out of bed this Wednesday causes more groans than usual; or, if your Monday and Tuesday were wonderful, and you wish for that trend to continue. This is for you. Continue reading “Midweek Morning Affirmations”

Random Ramblings, Issue 2

Date: 4-1-2015

Time: 1:33 P.M./13:33

Location upon writing: My apartment

Reason: A little pre-departure greeting, and a look into the ever-changing web I call my brain. No April Fools jokes below, I promise. Continue reading “Random Ramblings, Issue 2”

Rushing Out of Town

I’ve lived all 21 years of my life in Florida, a state with which I’ve forged a hostile relationship. I am always dreaming about living elsewhere, romanticizing the day I escape from my university, my hometown, and the negative memories wrought in each locale. Yesterday, I was slammed with a revelation, brought to life by a Mark Twain quote. Continue reading “Rushing Out of Town”

Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan

All it takes is a trek up a hill, from which you can see the expanse of land for many miles below you, to make you aware of just how small you are. Continue reading “Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan”