photobook | dali museum + demens landing park + intermezzo

Emotionally messy – a series of moods coalescing with the week I traversed St. Petersburg. No mighty minotaur skewered the brain cells, really. I merely slipped on one of those tangles of anxiety which will only recede when dealt multiple uppercuts of patience, persistent patience. I find that leaving town can sometimes relieve both those symptoms and the general jitters of wanderlust. I’m settling into a pattern of weekly local explorations and this acquaintance is a welcome one. St. Pete. Next week, who knows. But it’ll be a lick of freshness. Continue reading “photobook | dali museum + demens landing park + intermezzo”

a little lakeland wander

Lakeland, 28 exits off Interstate 4 headed east – or sooner if you take the toll road. In my initial view, something of a pothole, a nondescript town mentioned on weather forecasts and correlating live cams overlooking Lake Mirror. Admittedly, when I wander Lakeland I don’t step far into shops or restaurants, though I have a few favorites where I have gone and know a few names in addition. Lakeland’s intrigue lies in the mindsets I tend to arrive with, and leave with, whenever I traverse the 45 minutes to get there. I seem to come to some conclusion about my life, whether it’s a simple daily change or an idea that gives me lengthy pause. Continue reading “a little lakeland wander”

Hungry Company + Coffee Culture

When the tummy grumbles, so does the mouth.

I make quite a grand transition when I’m hungry: from smiley 20 year-old to 7 plates of pasta and murder.

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The Karbach Koffeehouse: A Couch to Sprawl Upon (Buddy Brew Coffee Co.)

If you are new to Venturing East: welcome, for one. Prepare for a caffeine buzz transmitted through words. I like coffee. A lot. So much so that I wrote a love letter to this steadfast, liquid friend of mine, and have an entire gallery devoted to its quiet brilliance. Small wonder, then, that I would start a feature pertaining to my adventures from one coffee shop to another.

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