5K | Weekend Trip Essentials

Venturing East gripped a new milestone a few days ago, and I’ve barely stopped smiling since. Continue reading “5K | Weekend Trip Essentials”


Slow Tourism in Bergen, Norway

Easter in Bergen yielded dark windows and locked doors, but a little creativity wrought answers to what good coffee truly tastes like, how relentless the appetites of sea gulls are, and how Superman in flight sees the world. Continue reading “Slow Tourism in Bergen, Norway”

Outside the Pamphlets | Tips for Studying Abroad

Most universities and programs provide study abroad candidates with a packet of some sort which outlines school policies, advises on insurance matters, and provides rudimentary packing lists. As a recent returnee from a 6-month overseas excursion, I can attest to a few more hints that these paper piles might overlook. Continue reading “Outside the Pamphlets | Tips for Studying Abroad”

Random Ramblings, Issue 2

Date: 4-1-2015

Time: 1:33 P.M./13:33

Location upon writing: My apartment

Reason: A little pre-departure greeting, and a look into the ever-changing web I call my brain. No April Fools jokes below, I promise. Continue reading “Random Ramblings, Issue 2”

Stockholm Guide | Gamla Stan + Kungliga Slottet

A day tour of Stockholm in which I explored Gamla Stan and The Royal Palace. Continue reading “Stockholm Guide | Gamla Stan + Kungliga Slottet”

Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan

All it takes is a trek up a hill, from which you can see the expanse of land for many miles below you, to make you aware of just how small you are. Continue reading “Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan”

Guntherska Hovkonditori: Best Semlor in Uppsala?

In Sweden, fierce competition exists between bakeries on Fat Tuesday (Fettisdag) as taste-testers embark on a long, tiresome journey to find the best semla in the city. The votes were cast, the results rolled in – and yesterday, I decided to learn for myself what made Guntherska Hovkonditori’s semlor the Best of Uppsala. Continue reading “Guntherska Hovkonditori: Best Semlor in Uppsala?”