8 Hours in Hamburg, Germany

The buzzing port city of Hamburg is difficult to leave after earning a taste of its rich waterfront culture. If you only have one day to breathe it in, you might as well make each inhale count. Continue reading “8 Hours in Hamburg, Germany”

German Food-iday

Some vacations assume a more culinary focus – in my book, the food and drink of a city, region, or entire country offers an important glimpse into the culture, and a charm which cannot be obtained outside of its borders. Germany fit snugly into such a mold during my three-day tour of Hannover and Hamburg. Continue reading “German Food-iday”

Watering Flowers with Champagne | Valborg in Uppsala

Valborg is celebrated throughout Sweden on April 30, but Uppsala is It with regards to grabbing the festival vibe of the holiday. Continue reading “Watering Flowers with Champagne | Valborg in Uppsala”

Stockholm Guide | Gamla Stan + Kungliga Slottet

A day tour of Stockholm in which I explored Gamla Stan and The Royal Palace. Continue reading “Stockholm Guide | Gamla Stan + Kungliga Slottet”

Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan

All it takes is a trek up a hill, from which you can see the expanse of land for many miles below you, to make you aware of just how small you are. Continue reading “Gothenburg Guide | Skansen Kronan”

Gothenburg Cafe Guide

I am freshly returned from Gothenburg, and still daydreaming about the delicacies I tasted, the coffee I smelled, and the cozy backdrops of each nook I hovered into during the past three days. This post will be the first of a series containing information about Gothenburg, which I hope you find useful. Continue reading “Gothenburg Cafe Guide”

Guntherska Hovkonditori: Best Semlor in Uppsala?

In Sweden, fierce competition exists between bakeries on Fat Tuesday (Fettisdag) as taste-testers embark on a long, tiresome journey to find the best semla in the city. The votes were cast, the results rolled in – and yesterday, I decided to learn for myself what made Guntherska Hovkonditori’s semlor the Best of Uppsala. Continue reading “Guntherska Hovkonditori: Best Semlor in Uppsala?”