home | autumnal design & craft

Today is September 29, a full six days after fall’s official commencement. It’s 88 degrees outside, I’m garbed in shorts & a shirt sans sleeves. The atmosphere sets on its display shelf all the trinkets of summer, yet in my household I’ve fully embraced all the transitional shades, all the scents, all the maple leaves and pumpkins and warming soups. Every cylinder firing in design mode. Continue reading “home | autumnal design & craft”

organizing for anxiety: 10 essential tips for bullet journaling

My grapple with anxiety disorder is no secret if you’ve followed my adventures here or on Instagram. One characteristic of the affliction, I’ve noted, is a tendency to frantically grab around for external order when the neurotic internal world is sparking and flashing like holiday fireworks accidentally lit five minutes too early. It’s a methodical way of ignoring the disorder, and one to which those with high-functioning anxiety – myself included – turn. Meet the bullet journal, my non-medicinal whirlwind-muffler. Continue reading “organizing for anxiety: 10 essential tips for bullet journaling”

Lens | Quick Cosmetology Photoshoot

I’m often surprised at my enjoyment of being photographed. I’m intrigued by the duality of vulnerability and separation: the viewer, the subject, the photographer, all shielded by a physical contraption which helps bare secrets but simultaneously keeps them just hidden enough to abbreviate the story behind the gaze, the background, the reasoning for the picture. Continue reading “Lens | Quick Cosmetology Photoshoot”

christmas in photos + 2016 resolve

With January arrived and 2016 permeating the dates on my agenda, inevitably the word “resolution” burrows into my thoughts. January. A reset of the timepiece. A fresh set of 365 boxes pinned to the wall. I truthfully don’t make resolutions, but I do honestly consider what I want improved in my life. Generally these habits last a week or two, as is customary for most of humanity, it seems – congratulations to all of you who barely slip up, but my determination shoes have a very flawed tread. Next thing I know my ass is bruised and I’m wondering where in the road I lost my balance. Continue reading “christmas in photos + 2016 resolve”

Saying Farewell

My tenure in Sweden ends in exactly a week, and the inevitable gesture of bidding the country I’ve called home for five months stands just up the road, awaiting the hour Bus 11 passes it by with me onboard, for the final time. Continue reading “Saying Farewell”

The Home Stretch

When faced with finality, it’s easy to fall into a mindset of apathy, anxiety, or anticipation – or a combination of all three. Learning how to cope with such emotions involves striking a balance and staying present. Continue reading “The Home Stretch”