East Ink Gift Guide

East Ink Prints is a bustling webshop regarding listing frequency, and I wouldn’t prefer it otherwise. The past two months overflowed with inspiration – probably in part because the holidays approach, and I’m always on my toes thinking of how to channel the festivities into my little nook of existence. I’m burning apple-pumpkin candles, wearing thick socks with pom-poms and snowflakes to shield my toes from the ever-slight morning chill, sipping hot cocoa when the sun drips into slumber (right now, I’m loving Coldstone’s Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate flavor). Likewise, with November pulling the sheets over its head and December slowly coming out of hibernation, East Ink is brushing on Christmas-themed makeup and readying one and all for the gift giving season. Continue reading “East Ink Gift Guide”

a little lakeland wander

Lakeland, 28 exits off Interstate 4 headed east – or sooner if you take the toll road. In my initial view, something of a pothole, a nondescript town mentioned on weather forecasts and correlating live cams overlooking Lake Mirror. Admittedly, when I wander Lakeland I don’t step far into shops or restaurants, though I have a few favorites where I have gone and know a few names in addition. Lakeland’s intrigue lies in the mindsets I tend to arrive with, and leave with, whenever I traverse the 45 minutes to get there. I seem to come to some conclusion about my life, whether it’s a simple daily change or an idea that gives me lengthy pause. Continue reading “a little lakeland wander”

introducing East Ink Prints: a Venturing East startup

Inspiration, in my personal experience, often pops out of the mole hole on its own unpredictable, Dalí-esque clock. I’m finding more and more that if I go digging for the seed triggering the flower’s growth, it hides from me probably until moonlight when I’m sleeping (or at 3am when I wake up, vow to remember its presence, then fall back into dreamland & forget once more). East Ink snuck up on me with a candle in hand, and that little flickering wick spilled and thus ignited my whole store of motivation. Continue reading “introducing East Ink Prints: a Venturing East startup”