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Today is September 29, a full six days after fall’s official commencement. It’s 88 degrees outside, I’m garbed in shorts & a shirt sans sleeves. The atmosphere sets on its display shelf all the trinkets of summer, yet in my household I’ve fully embraced all the transitional shades, all the scents, all the maple leaves and pumpkins and warming soups. Every cylinder firing in design mode. Part of this interest in revamping my space, I think, comes with an overall sense of stability, which I’ve discussed before in previous posts & on my Instagram. I’m comfortable, and comfort breeds creativity. Part of it is having undergone a rather large transfusion in which a toxin was sucked out & new pints of positivity filled the vacant veins. The last is the slow reclamation of my physical health, which aids my mental health, which ushers in a further interest in life and living. I’m excited to share some of the renovations in this little photobook. I don’t think I’ve done much in terms of interior studies (I use the rather lavish “study” adjective somewhat facetiously, as this is less a study and more a haphazard picture dump) nor have I shared a whole lot of my apartment’s aesthetic in general, so this is quite different than what I’m used to and to me a welcome insert. Adds a bit more personality to VE, an inner glimpse of the space I maintain and which ultimately reflects my emphasis on beauty, cleanliness, and coziness. I do hope it inspires some of you, in a small way or bigger, or leastwise sprinkles your eyes with the season’s colors if you’re like me & cannot glance outside for the authentic view.


A broken wooden cutting board, the pleasingly perfect length + width to knot and wind a vine of maples, was repurposed as the foundation of the centerpiece. Easy & cheap. The white pumpkins were 2 for $3 at my local grocer, the jar $1, the tea candle foraged from a box in my closet. Design needn’t be posh, especially for a novice feeling through the first snags of creating aesthetic appeal. The Dollar Store is a damn beautiful place, friends.











Watercolor painted by yours truly, on a Wednesday morning whim.

// not endorsed, all opinions are my own. products were purchased with my own money sans compensation from any company.

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