roam | orlando pt. 2

I almost never recall the negative moments of travel – or, leastwise, I don’t dwell on them. Such a lack of attention is rare for me. I usually swipe through all the markers in a timeline, pause on everything, either smile in elation or sigh in defeat. I know on my second Orlando road trip, I struggled on day two. But it is not the most prevalent recollection. Thank goodness.

Anxiety while traveling is especially heartbreaking because coupled with the general mental coagulation the condition brings, a heavy iron pot of guilt spills its boiling contents atop, a cacophonous embittered garnish. Why am I upset, I’m on vacation for heaven’s sake! The spiral tightens and fingers slip. I know it happened on Wednesday, the mood compromise is no mystery to me nor can my brain completely blank it out. I canceled every visit I hoped to accomplish and instead watched the rain at Starbucks in tranquilized nothingness. Above the knowledge of those emotions and lack thereof, though, are the happier scenes. Opening a book in Barnes & Noble to a passage coaxing me to pause and be present, nearly sobbing in the middle of the bookstore, buying the book immediately and driving home with all dulled sentiments gliding back and my renewed energy guiding me home in a more human mood. A slight pre-storm chill waving me through the soggy 7am in Winter Park as I sipped & shot a soy cappuccino at New General. Banter with the barista at Holy Grain on how to pay for the photos I snapped of the shop (cows and chickens involved, but no first borns or pounds of human flesh). Prancing through the rain to pick up ice cream to satiate an abnormally bold craving. The good little things man the buttresses of my mental fortress, pointing and shooting their arrows at anything intrusive, their aims accurate as Legolas.

I’ve written about Orlando before and fully plan to continue this series. Orlando is easily reachable from Tampa via a hop-skip-and-jump on I-4, thus weekend trips are never out of the question so long as finances & time permit. It seems, too, that every time I look into spots of interest I unearth something I didn’t see in times prior. Next time I’d love to reacquaint with Vespr Coffee Bar (been before) & tour the World of Chocolate Museum & Cafe, and, if I’m lucky enough to drag a friend along, scoop up Ethiopian treats with injera at Nile. Where I’m pulled next is a mystery matter. For now, though, enjoy the photo log of my June trip!

  1. Downtown Credo – Health Village








2. Infusion Tea Lounge



// roasted beet tartine


3. Holy Grain Coffee




4. New General



//Not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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