photobook | fort lauderdale, pt 2: morikami museum & japanese gardens

Ambling within the Morikami pathway truly embodied the word amble. Relaxed. Unrushed. Beneath the intermittent sun-cloud dance so typical of Florida afternoons, I brushed past overhanging flower bushes, peeked through clusters of bamboo knocking against one another like hollow drums, clicked my camera when appropriate. Time was unhurried here, measured in footsteps and cycles of bright and shadow, the background music fountains and cicadas and the crunches of wild animals flitting or themselves meandering in the underbrush. Like Lorien – carry yourself with peace, no harried temperaments dwell here.

The outdoors elicit within me a patience I don’t normally exhibit. Though my outer world betrays calm & order in everyday scenes, the biosphere of my brain is a tempest in the dinosaur times, full of creature roars and whipping winds. Set me in a garden, nature trail, or even under the gnarled pines of my apartment complex, and the pace of my existence slows. I’m more inclined to glance around rather than down, my neck loosed from the weight of my leaden mind which itself pauses to take a breather. The hour or so at Morikami quenched the need for rest, aided ultimately by the lovely Cornell Cafe at which I very clumsily noshed a fragrant tuna sushi bowl with chopsticks. I need to work on my chopstick dexterity.

Take a gander at Morikami’s website for admission information, a day trip itinerary, as well as the lunch menu for the Cornell Cafe (the bento boxes are most popular & they even serve a fully vegetarian option!) If you visit on a Saturday you have the wonderful opportunity to observe a traditional Omote-Senke tea ceremony in the Morikami Tea House

















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