photobook | felicitous on 42nd + belleair coffee co.

Subconsciously or not, I’ve christened Tuesdays as my venturing days. As I type this the calendar reads Wednesday, and I’m passing it like I generally do Wednesdays: laundry burbling, classical covers tinkling, all while I’m planted on my reading chair intermittently disrupting my productivity with stretching (tight calf, must loosen to bypass insanity) or Pinterest scrolls. Earlier I trekked a half mile for coffee. I guess the Sunday mentality falls on Wednesday for me, considering it’s place as the second of my days off before Thursday-Monday washes ashore.

A tale of two Tuesdays, then. Felicitous is a name associated with 51st, the little purple house tucked down an unexpected street serving caffeine-starved USF students cramming for finals. Lucky for me – perhaps unlucky for my wallet – Felicitous opted to expand onto 42nd, a close neighbor of mine, settling into the ground floor of the Uncommon apartment complex. My dream of residing within a reasonable walking distance of coffee burst to fruition. Though I haven’t indulged all too often, I know it’s there, patient, behind windows inviting strong sweeps of light.






// Felicitous //

Closer to my second haunt sits aptly named Belleair Coffee Company. Mom and I skipped through Largo & treated ourselves post-DIY success (here’s a photo from my Instagram, and thanks to Camille Styles for the design!) to afternoon brews. I immediately pulled out my camera to shoot in the space: sunrays, gentle obscure corners galore, larger dining areas promising all ranges of photographic success. I can hardly leave out the worker who guided me down the small corridor to point out the coffee belt art installation, a stunning tryptic occupying most of the wall. BCC grinds & pours Buddy Brew and steeps Tebella, both Tampa names who’ve scooted across the Causeway & into Pinellas County.







And so: two more retreats written in the logbook. I’ll be wandering to Fort Lauderdale in about two weeks, a change of heart & direction I decided on after an intense set of revelations diverting my path from Pittsburgh, grad school (in the immediate) and helping me accept the face-slapping truth that, really, all I needed was a dagger to behead one demon to turn a proper direction. Once that battle concluded, atop the hill of victory I beheld a simple scene. I just needed to busy myself. Grad school would do that but my heart didn’t fully envelope what committing for those two years would involve. Do I want an M.F.A. in the future? Absolutely, doubtlessly, yes. I think I need more time, though, to walk successfully through that door. Honesty and self-reflection and a brand of bravery, certainly the saviors of the hour.









// felicitous //





// belleair //

1. Felicitous on 42nd, 14204 N. 42nd St., Tampa, FL 33613

The 42nd location serves a smaller menu than the purple house, but they dedicated an entire menu board to gelato flavors for pairing with espresso in an affogato. Soy and almond milk are available for the milk-avoiding, outlets are plentiful as is seating, and quirky paintings and beautiful murals spruce up the clean and amply-lit dining areas.

2. Belleair Coffee Company, 100 Indian Rocks Rd. N, Belleair Bluffs, FL 33770

The lemon pound cake is dreamy and rich with the bite of citrus. Be sure to view the coffee belt tryptic down the hallway before you leave. The shop closes at 4p every day and opens early (7a weekdays, 8a weekends) to cater to the early birds amongst us with cappuccinos and lattes galore.

Day 89 // Thump Colombia Reserve + International Delight White Mocha


Day 100 // Gevalia Colombia + International Delight White Mocha


Day 104 // Gevalia Colombia + International Delight White Mocha


Day 110 // Gevalia Colombia + International Delight Coldstone Sweet Cream 


// Not sponsored.

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