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Pre-summer lasers of heat, Florida trademark of any month beyond February, scattered hazy glitter along the asphalt as I strolled from one end of Cass St. downtown, from the Tampa Museum of Art to the decided refuel station of Caffeine. I’d parked somewhat far to avoid paralleling and meters, but despite my wearing long sleeves & perspiring through the cloth, a midday anonymous walk in a city is strangely cleansing. Comforting, to be amongst folk who don’t know and don’t care. The word “sonder” comes to mind: the term referring to an acute & potent awareness of the lives through which others wander, knowing too that they are as vivid as your own, and having no real knowledge of any of it. I could be thinking of this and he of that and she of something else, and none of us will perceive the minds of the other just by a glimpse.

Tangent aside and onto the substance. Often on my days off work I’m edgy, but that kind of edgy where I feel as if I don’t have enough time in the day to enjoy any leisurely venture without running out of precious minutes in the middle due to hunger or rush hour traffic or other miscellaneous chores that’ll take ten seconds but I inflate to tasks swallowing all of my free moments. Go figure, when I have a full 24-hours to fill. This tiny day trip squelched such insecurities a good amount and I soaked in the quiet both locales offered: the Museum’s, with its walls playing catch with the shuffle of shoes stepping & halting in intervals; and Caffeine’s, a nook of soft music, aerating milk, and machines dripping brew into cups and carafes. These two spots are within a quarter mile of one another and you can pair them into an afternoon where you might only have two or three hours to explore. Right now the Museum is featuring artist Alex Katz, and “Who Shot Sports,” an intimate display of sports photography and the more humanistic side of the games we know and love. I’m in practice mode for my Pittsburgh trip in May, when I’ll be compacting expeditions into a mere two and a half days. Some of the time I’ll allot to touring two schools – yes, I’m planning to pursue my MFA next year! more on that later – and the rest to food and recharging and a Pittsburgh Pirates game. Vacations are sometimes short and it’s handy to have the know-how to tour smart. Though I live right in Tampa, outings like these mimic a sprightly getaway. I encourage anyone to treat their hometown like a totally new experience sometime. Below is a photo journal of the TmoA and Caffeine, as well as a catchup of my #365daysofcoffee shooting. Happy adventuring!



Soy cappuccino @ Caffeine






TMoA lobby





Classical Room




Alex Katz exhibit



Who Shot Sports

1. Caffeine, 212 E. Cass Street, Tampa, FL 33602

The baristas dish up a mean orange cold brew and a divine sparkling Americano, perfectly refreshing libations to stay the outside warmth. The classics are all solid & feature local roaster Zeal. The pastry case is always stocked with rotating selections of croissants, muffins, and cakes or cookies.

2. Tampa Museum of Art120 W. Gasparilla Plaza, Tampa, FL 33602

I’d recommend attempting to catch the Alex Katz exhibit before it rotates out on May 29: he does marvelous work in both black and white and color, from portraits to the woodsy landscapes of Maine. A portfolio in the exhibit hall features a great in-depth interview covering his processes, if you’re interested in a bit of context. Mise en Place, a restaurant nearby, runs the Sono Cafe in the lobby and dishes up exquisite modern American fare. You can dine at the cafe without paying for museum admission (aside: Mise en Place is located about a mile away down Grand Central Avenue). The closest parking garage is the Poe, where $5 gets you a spot all day; otherwise, metered parking can be found along nearby streets. I’d share where I snag my free parking, but I probably shouldn’t recommend such a shortcut, so I’ll keep it secret. Admission: $15 for adults, $7.50 seniors/military/educators, free for college students with I.D., $5 other students.

Day  53 / / Soy cinnamon dolce/vanilla latte @ Starbucks


Day 55 // Heart Honduras Catchara & Coffee Mate Mocha Almond Fudge


Day 59 // Heart Honduras Catchara & Coffee Mate Salted Caramel Mocha


Day 65 // Thump Colombia Reserve & Coffee Mate Mocha Almond Fudge


// Not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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