introducing East Ink Prints: a Venturing East startup

Inspiration, in my personal experience, often pops out of the mole hole on its own unpredictable, Dalí-esque clock. I’m finding more and more that if I go digging for the seed triggering the flower’s growth, it hides from me probably until moonlight when I’m sleeping (or at 3am when I wake up, vow to remember its presence, then fall back into dreamland & forget once more). East Ink snuck up on me with a candle in hand, and that little flickering wick spilled and thus ignited my whole store of motivation.ei-logo-stickers

I consider East Ink a project with a few arms. Most visibly, it is an Etsy startup. I am, and will continue to, create illustrations by hand, pass them through Photoshop for refining, and set them for purchase into my online store. As of now I have three listings but as early as this week at least one or two more will pop up, and more projects will consistently manifest in the inventory. I am leaning over three more illustrations at present, with the future repertoire slowly building in my several notebooks and random iPhone notes. East Ink populates the styles with which I most identify: minimalist most days, brightly hued on others. I can safely say it is a digitized embodiment of who I see myself as artistically, at least in the visual format.

East Ink is more than a store occupying a cubicle of cyberspace. I am interested in personalization, in collaboration – I always have been, Venturing East being my first and continual dabble in that veldt. I want to extend a hand to those who seek something customized, something special, and utmost: something personal. I value handmade offerings on birthdays or Christmas, and even more so find gifting a person with something I created myself an even more heightened way of displaying love. Through East Ink, I want to extend that sentiment of kinship, familial bond, and camaraderie to others. Even the more practical applications of graphics, namely business cards or company stickers, are made more exciting when molded with mostly non-mechanized thought. Handmade art is a craft slowly peeling itself out of the coffin, and being part of that drive to revamp the relevance and prominence of small artisans is a privilege to me as a graduate with an arts degree myself. watermarked_mondaycoffee



So, here’s to East Ink. She’s an avenue under construction, but an avenue I desire to chisel at until the roads are paved and the proverbial cars roll happily down the asphalt. Take a look at East Ink’s Etsy, and give the Instagram a follow for updates and glimpses into projects as they come together. The “Mondays” and “Cardinal” prints can be found here and here respectively, if they pique your interest. Lastly, if collaboration interests you, or general inquiry, or just saying hi, here’s an email to reach me more thoroughly. Happy browsing, happy shopping, and happy crafting!


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