Red Sangria with Navel Orange and Coconut

Sweeten up your summer BBQ with a light, fruity sangria based on the tangy notes of navel orange and supplemented with a hint of smooth coconut rum and sparkling grape juice.

If no one shows up to your outdoor grilling party, rest assured that consuming this sangria on your own will not be an issue: the tantalizing fruity beverage, a summertime favorite of the Spanish and Portuguese as well as the countries of Central and South America, does not need to be blended exclusively for a large social gathering. Naturally, downing it in a single day is not advisable – and if you wind up refilling your glass one too many times, don’t blame me. I merely played the role of bartender in this regard.

Red Sangria with Navel Orange and Coconut


1 L sweet red wine (I used Barefoot Sweet Red Blend)
2 cups sparkling white grape juice
1.5 cups orange juice, fresh squeezed or a good bottled brand (like Simply Orange)
1 cup coconut rum, like Malibu
2 navel oranges

ASSEMBLY: In a large metal bowl, combine wine with juices and coconut rum, and mix well. Slice oranges into rings, then cut the rings into quarters and add to bowl. Transfer mixture to a pitcher (or two pitchers, if yours are on the small side), cover and refrigerate overnight, or for at least four hours. Serve chilled over ice.


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