The Hobbit Menu | Summer Berry Loaf Cake

Continuing with recipes inspired by what I believe Bilbo would keep in his larders for unexpected parties of dwarves.

I’d first like to apologize for my lack of attention to Venturing East of late. For two weeks I was quite focused on my final exams at Uppsala plus move-out procedures prior to my flights this past Sunday. I am happy to report that I made it back to Florida without incident, and am currently melting beneath the blazing gaze of Sauron’s Eye – also known as The Sun. Now that I’ve acclimated somewhat to the Eastern time zone, am armed with Dunkin Donuts’ new Oreo iced coffee, and summer break is officially begun, I can return to a normalized blogging schedule and hopefully create more content which appeals to all of you lovely people.

I figured to start with a recipe and some nerd references, because food is a great reuniting force, is it not?

Yesterday, I wandered into Starbucks and tried their Raspberry Swirl Pound Cake with an iced cinnamon chai, and found inspiration in its fruitiness and dense yet fluffy texture. I believe a cake or two is imperative when one is attempting to Shire-fy his or her diet, and berries are copious in the gardens of hobbits. After all, Sam did cite strawberries and cream when attempting to usher Frodo out of his Ring-induced moments of madness.

I’d imagine this loaf cake would have a similar effect of pulling the comatose away from an evil ring’s chokehold.


Swirling a cinnamon-kissed berry compote into the creamy pound cake batter offers a splash of color which no Baggins can refuse. Play up the sweetness of the treat with raw sugar instead of granulated, infuse with lime juice, and Gandalf will surely come knocking on your front door for a Wednesday tea party. Just beware: he might bring 13 friends, Radagast, and the entire population of Rivendell, who might also try to convince you to embark on an adventure and serve as the company chef for the duration.

Summer Berry Loaf Cake

Pound cake

1 cup butter (2 sticks), softened
1 cup raw sugar
4 eggs
2 cups flour
Juice of half a lime
Dash of salt

Berry Compote

1/2 cup each blueberries/strawberries
2 T raw sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
Juice of half a lime

ASSEMBLY: Preheat oven to 350 degrees and brush a loaf pan with melted butter. Mix butter and sugar with a wooden spoon, then stir in salt. Add eggs one at a time, stirring well until incorporated, then drizzle in lime juice. Add flour 1/2 cup at a time until all 2 cups are used; mix until just combined (do not over-mix). Pour batter into prepared loaf pan and set aside.

In a sauce pan over medium heat, stir berries, sugar, cinnamon, and lime juice for 10-15 minutes until berries are soft and resemble a jam in texture. Remove from burner and cool for a few minutes. Pour a spoonful of berries onto the loaf cake batter and swirl with a butter knife; repeat until desired amount of compote is mixed into the cake (I used about half the compote and stored the rest in a tupperwear: I’d recommend pouring some over a couple of Walnut Tea Biscuits). Bake for 45 minutes to an hour, or until toothpick/knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Remove from oven and cool for 5 minutes, then run a knife around the loaf edges and invert onto a wire rack to cool for 30 minutes.


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