Uppsala Café Guide

A smattering of my favorite lunch and fika spots in downtown Uppsala. All of these options are viable whether you want a warm brunch, sweet cakes, a gently humming atmosphere, a place to write or read or think, or all of the above.



Located near The Linnaeus Garden, this cozy pair of nooks are arguably my favorite spots in town. Konstantina, a double-story establishment, offers free WIFI to complement a mean menu of focaccias, quiches (the salmon and spinach pie, or the lax och spenatpaj, is particularly good – and for the record, ädelost is pronounced A-dehl-OOST, the first vowel like the sound in fat), cold sandwiches, soups, and ciabattas. The 82 SEK lunch special is sure to warm your tummy on a drizzly day, for it includes salad, bread and butter, a drink of choice, and coffee or tea. I’d recommend hopping over to Hörnan, the second branch, across the street for a slice of Oreo cake or salted vanilla cake with your choice of whipped cream or ice cream, and a foamy latte for an after-meal morsel.

IMG_7906 IMG_7908



Årummet offers a lovely riverfront view, which is especially dazzling on sunny days, as well as an array of cakes, pies and cheesecakes that will surely inspire your mouth to dribble like the Fyris outside. The morotstårta (carrot cake) as well as the brownie tårta,  are scrumptious, and come with ice cream or whipped cream and a beautiful arrangement of sliced seasonal fruits. One can also dive into a hearty lunch, and a smooth cappuccino or spicy chai is a must to wash down the food. They are open relatively late, so sweet cravings can be answered after dinner if they arise. I’ve mentioned this joint here also.

IMG_8449 IMG_8056 IMG_8052



This small diner is snuggled near the main University building, and houses a delectable arrangement of pastas and a lovely daily lunch special with options that never disappoint. The interior is snug and decorated with soft, antique couches and many green plants, and the two owners always ensure their guests are comfortable and say farewell to everyone as they leave. They serve up a flavorful vegetarian pasta, presented with care and packed with flavor. Additionally, the salt and pepper shakers are adorable.

IMG_7797 IMG_7799 IMG_7803



Known as this year’s Semla Champion, as I discussed a bit more in this post, this bakery and sweet shop welcomes guests with an enticing bakecase lined with beautiful, artful semlor and a tempting array of buns and breads. The serving presentation is marvelous and fanciful, the coffee strong, and the treats appealing to the palate. When the weather is pleasant, outdoor seating is unraveled upon the sidewalk, and one can munch whilst watching the clouds float over the cathedral and listening to the rush of the Fyris just ahead.




“Look to the cathedral, and you’ll find home” – so goes the motto of this warm, homey nation, one of 13 boasted by Uppsala University. The Sunday Fika is a work of art: the tables are decorated with flickering candles, soft music plays around the room, and the tasty spread of food never disappoints. Värmlands also serves lunch Monday-Friday, with a rotating weekly menu and a vegetarian option each day. Lunch runs from 12-2, and includes salad, bread, and coffee or tea.

IMG_7872 IMG_8048


Though not a cafe, Rafifi is a bustling Italian spot with a nice dining area and a wonderful arrangement of pastas and pizza. At lunch time, the dishes come with a buttery baguette, a salad buffet, a beverage, and coffee, and the bowls of pasta are generous and well-flavored. The Pasta Genovese is a great option for vegetarians, and is sure to give you a garlic fix to last a lifetime.

Kellie Curiosities:

  • Which of these spots looks most appealing to you?
  • Would you like anymore guides to Uppsala?


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