On Writing Nooks

In my little Floridian hometown, I find it quite difficult to locate a well-lit, calming, inspiring spot to settle down with my sketchbook and plot my novel or writings otherwise. Here in Uppsala, such a task is cake. 

In fact, it often includes cake.


Before I arrived in Uppsala – for many months prior, in fact – I kept picturing how I’d snuggle into the cafe scene and use it to my best writerly advantage. It became my primary goal to feel at-home in the city’s coffee shops, all of which I discovered – to my greatest delight – house the perfect environment for putting pen to paper and brainstorming. This morning I wandered to Cafe Linne, the first shop I discovered in the town; ordered the above-pictured mocha, plopped myself down next to a gleaming window with the rainy skies and pellets of water on the sidewalks in full view, and scribbled in my notebook for two hours.

I have a flexible set of criteria when it comes to writing comfort-zones. Below you’ll find them listed. If you’re a fellow writer, whether it be a blogger, novelist, freelancer, poet, or otherwise, it will always do you some good to find a comfortable point to get creative outside of your own dwelling.


  1. BUSTLING, BUT NOT MADNESS. I am fond of the generally growls and mumbles of people around me – so long as it isn’t like a rock concert or a bar after midnight.
  2. FULL OF WINDOW SEATS. I enjoy the company of natural light due to its softness. Cloudy days are a plus (obviously, cafe’s cannot control that.)
  3. GOOD COFFEE. Cafes in Sweden do not disappoint in this regard. Sweet treats for accompaniment are a plus.
  4. PLENTY OF TABLE SPACE. I like to sprawl. My stuff – purse, phone, iPad, random papers, etc. etc. – winds up taking a whole table to fit.
  5. COMFORTABLE SEATING. If I’m squirming constantly, I probably won’t want to attempt to fall into my zen-zone.
  6. CORNERS AND NOOKS GALORE. I like tables that are situation in their own little spaces, like a miniature den. Big, open dining rooms feel too impersonal for a cozy outing with one’s creative mind.

What sorts of environments do you find yourself most product in? Doesn’t have to be writing – music-making, homework, meditating, anything.

Snaps from today’s expedition to Cafe Linne:

IMG_7907 IMG_7908 IMG_7909

Stay cozy, friends.


7 thoughts on “On Writing Nooks

    1. Sounds like bliss. I prefer Pandora to TV (classical music stations are amazing for writing – would recommend) but as long as it works for you, wonderful! 🙂


      1. I do listen to my ipod sometimes. Into the Woods movie soundtrack can spark my creative imagination. Music tv stations are a good idea my dad listens to them too when he is napping. Thanks for the suggestion!

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  1. Recently I have ventured in to my sisters old room, there is a huge window , comfy sofa and the wifi doesn’t reach it … Perfect no tumblr distractions👌


  2. Yes, yes, yes! That sounds like my perfect writing spot! I alwayssss need a comfy chair, a window seat (for dreamy gazing outside and/or staring at attractive strangers) and the best coffee I can find! Whenever I buy/build a house I am going to make sure it has a perfect writing nook! 😀

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