The Round Table

Keeping track of Kellie’s expeditions to date {12/17}

WRITING   Mostly world building for a fantasy novel.

READING  Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon. The book is much more character-centered rather than on an action-packed plot, but I appreciate his unique metaphor style and several times I have caught myself thinking “Why didn’t I think of this first? Damn.”

WATCHING  Nothing in particular – will catch up on season three of The Newsroom eventually. My friend Will has a Newsroom party in his plans.

EATING  Tons of oranges, in particular. I indulge in fresh juice almost daily. Mmm.

DRINKING   Lakewood Organics Apple Juice. 100% juice, no added nothing.

BUYING   Groceries, warm clothing for Sweden. Luckily, I’ve completed my Christmas shopping with minimal stress.

WEARING   Leggings and tees or sweaters – my general workplace attire. Also, my Santa hat every chance I get. Ho ho ho!

WANTING   Hiking adventures, huge scarves, and all the fresh produce.

DREADING   The flights to Sweden in January. I suffer a paranoia of flying, worsened by recent attacks on airliners by terrorist groups and wayward souls looking for death and trouble.


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