Hobbit on a Picnic: Foods for Outdoor Adventures

When picnicking, there exists no reason to feel as lost and nostalgic as Bilbo in the face of the great outdoors. Sure, you’ll be forced to forego your rocking chair and the fireplace, but there’s no need to feel deprived of delicious meals and snacks whilst combing through spiky pine and wild morning glories. Twice this week I ventured outdoors, with a backpack sufficiently full of healthy, filling affair to fuel me for a few miles of hiking (flatland hiking, I live in Florida.)


What did I stash in my bag? Fare worthy of a hobbit’s kitchen, of course.


Mind you, the list does not stop here; however, keep in mind a few things when packing up for a brisk walk to Bywater:

1. Prep food beforehand – slice, dice, cook, dry, preserve, etc.

2. Shorter trips warrant quick-burning fuels, while longer walks likely necessitate more calorie-dense fare.

3. Pack smart, take up as little room with each item as possible, so you can fit more.

With such in mind, provided is a list of my personal necessities providing all the comforts of home.

1. Chips: I love Late July “Summertime Blues” and “How Sweet Potato It Is” varieties

2. Salsa or guacamole

3. Homemade trail mixes with nuts, chocolate, dried mango/pineapple/apricot, raisins, and other crunchy favorites

4. Fresh fruit. Bananas, apples, and kiwi are nice and portable, but any will do. In the photo: mango, pear, banana, kiwi.

5. Hard salami

6. Whole grain/seed crackers

7. Fruit jams/preserves. Especially for longer trips, these are lovely on crackers

8. Date balls. You can find a slew of recipes, but date + coconut and date gingerbread are favorites of mine

9. Fresh orange juice, best served in a mason jar. Other juices are acceptable too – 100% apple is wondrous

10. Peanut butter, good for fruits, crackers, or by itself with a large spoon

11. Water

What are some of your hiking or camping food favorites? What is the most brilliant hiking adventure you’ve ever taken? I hope it did not involve giant spiders and a ring of power – and if it did, I’m glad you’re still here to tell the tale.


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