Street Art Bonanza


DATE: 11/16/2014

Sarasota Chalk Festival

My first visit to the Sarasota Chalk Festival in 2012 ended with me in angry tears and with a less than adequate appreciation for the art being sketched and drawn beneath my feet. I won’t go into details, as it is not the point of this post. I am merely using it as a contrast to how today felt: sunny, cheerful, bustling, and bright. Amazing how one’s company can shape her outlook for an entire day – this year, I went with my mom.

I traversed up to the Sarasota Chalk Festival – this year moved just south to Venice – on Sunday morning to gaze upon a most stunning landscape of chalk strokes forming the images of this year’s theme: Endangered and Extinct Species’. I can’t even begin to describe the talent of these artists, some of whom are local and others who jumped on a transoceanic flight from places as Germany and Russia to exhibit their interpretations. So, I will offer few words, and instead let my experience speak to you via the photos I took with my Canon T3 DSLR.

This was the highlight of the show, located at Venice Municipal Airport: a 3D piece, nearly a quarter mile around, which might just end up a Guinness World Record (I believe for largest 3D chalk drawing, or street drawing? I’m not entirely positive.)


Below is the drawing’s blueprint


Miami Ave. transformed into a multi-hued canvas for this event. You can almost argue that it became a jungle.


At work:


Final result:


Aside from the shark, the one below evoked the most vivid emotional response from me – I couldn’t wrench my eyes from it for at least two minutes. A masterpiece in color, execution, and impact. I adore it.


After exhausting one path on the sidewalk, we broke for lunch at a cozy cafe called Island Organics Smoothie and Juice Bar. I ordered an “Immunity Booster” juice with apple, orange, carrot, and celery, alongside a quinoa veggie wrap and kettle chips. Highly recommend this joint if you’re on the island – check out their website!


With our bellies full and our feet rested up, we scooted down the last walk of Miami Ave.



The third stretch of the Festival was primarily devoted to 3D artistry, and took place at the Venice Community Center.


The part of the quote, cut off by the artist’s ladder, reads “extract its sweetness.”

I took a far greater quantity of photos than is displayed here, so be on the lookout for a proper gallery with a much larger selection. These were my favorites of the day, and I figured to share them with all of you.

Upon returning home, I gorged myself with vegan chocolate chip freezer fudge, and am probably looking at a night of Lord of the Rings documentaries and nonfiction final revision. I hope all of you experienced, and are experiencing, a relaxing Sunday filled with coffee and colorful musings.

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