Life has no meaning. It’s up to us as individuals to create a tagline for this bizarre state of consciousness which we collectively experience as humans. Each and every day, with all words we speak and all experiences on which we endeavor, we add another word, phrase, or paragraph to our own dictionary entry for “life.”

Wear your obsessions gracefully and loudly. Write them in all caps on the cleanest piece of printer paper you can find, and add twenty exclamation marks to the end for emphasis. Talk about them with your friends and family. Sing a song about them. Live passionately. Do what you love.

If we endeavor quietly in the things which light our fire, then the flames will run out of oxygen all too quickly. If we do not feed our passions, not only by doing but by sharing, we are wasting precious minutes. As we can learn from Into the Wild by John Krakauer, memories and moments are useless without the companionship and willing ear of friends, of family, of coworkers who occupy our workspace. We can only kindle a blaze for so long within our hearts before it grows too large and bursts, damaging our own sense of gratification. It isolates us.

Next time you write a poem you are particularly proud of, email it to a friend and bond from this sharing of words. Find someone who is just as passionate about environmental preservation, and talk deeply in an open field of the implications of pollution and alternate energy. Pull a friend to the sea and scuba dive, even if she has never touched saltwater before. You never know what kind of person will surface as once the experience ends.


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